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re: Well if you could afford it, you can get a Thinkpad for a work laptop running Linux instead of Windows 1. If your gonna carry it around I just st...

Thanks Max, your suggestion is perfectly valid but I feel I've failed to add some key information in my comparison.

I didn't talk about Linux in the post because Linux is not really an option for me as a desktop day-to-day operating system. Mostly because I don't like it (love it as server though :D) and because most of the non-coding software I use (Adobe's for example) doesn't really work on it.

Sorry, I should have been clearer in the original post!

Maybe Thinkpads are a valid alternative with Windows 10? I didn't really check them out, just did a comparison between one PC model and MacBook Pros.


Ahh... it's a shame, yes it's a really great brand to consider if you're really looking into move out of macs into windows as a company laptop but I don't spend much of my time in windows to understand if it's really that great as I work in Linux all the time.

Based on my colleagues and boss experiences who brought it previously, they like it enough that we were allocated a ThinkPad as part of our development machine.

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