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re: Hello rhymes. Mind you, I didn't tell a stranger, or any person, that they have "no value". That's how you read it, that's not what I wrote. I'm so...

Got it Pavel, thanks for clarifying, I think the confusion stems from the exchange between you and @laurieontech .

How do you think I could write this in more welcoming and inclusive way?

Well, you just did in a way :)

Also, what makes you think I look down on them?

I don't, in the context of assigning inherent value to a human being I thought you were doing that.

I'm glad we had this exchange!

I don't think my AMA would have any value either. That's partly why I don't start one.

It might have value to other people, you never know. We tend to think AMAs are just for exceptional industry leaders but I see a 17 year old with a bachelor in CS and a self evident enthusiasm to be exceptional as well.

Yours is a legitimate question though, I'm glad we cleared that up.

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