re: Have you ever quit a job without anything else lined up? VIEW POST


Twice as an employee (2010 and 2013) and once as a freelancer (September 2018).

First time because I saw no career prospects though I loved my colleagues and learned a lot from them (first full time job!). Second time I was "forced" to quit because the startup went bust, wasn't a great period, personally and professionally. Third time I quit one of those never ending consultancy gigs because after the acquisition of the agency I collaborated with and a year at the new company I felt everything was going nowhere and my managers were shuffled around too, I opted to quit instead of the risk of growing bitterness. I gave them three times the agreed notice to help with the transition and both parties were satisfied.

I've never thought about this in the past but having free universal health care was (unconsciously) a factor in my freedom (and privilege) to make these choices.

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