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Great post Alli!

First of all, the Python developers I knew loved their Python

Ahaha this is so true. If you like Python, it's hard to let it go. It also changed career course, for me personally.

BTW having a Java codebase at your disposal at work should help learning Java with a combination of formal reading and tinkering :D

Zed has you type out a lot of code from the book, which seems silly but it helped me get used to the syntax.

Yeah, even if it's just a tutorial, typing code can help. After all the reason why they used to make you transcribe things at school was also to learn new words, not just practice calligraphy and concentration :D

The tone of Learn Python the Hard Way is much harsher than Head First Java and Zed Shaw can be quite opinionated about things.

Ahaha Zed Shaw is famous for being opinionated. He used to be a Rubyist that exited the community with a famous article: Rails is a ghetto. He then landed in the Python community with strong opinions as well.

I like Python more than Java.

Thank the heavens :P

At first I was turned off by Python's specific rules about spacing, but now I'm completely on board.

I remember that, it lasted only a very short time because I was coming from languages that didn't have spacing as part of the syntax. I was sold on the simplicity of it all, there are ways to complicate it though

I particularly don't like having to decide which number type I want to use

Another thing I don't like about Java is all the recompiling.

I feel you, I think you'll find yourself at home with Python. And if you really want to, you can play with optional type annotations.

Learning two languages at once definitely tripped me up.

Yeah, definitely do not recommend it, but it's doable as you just demonstrated.

Have fun!

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