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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Richard Schloss • Edited
  1. On a personal level, one win was: I admitted that I was wrong about something and...lo and behold, it wasn't the end of the world when I did that. On the contrary, when I opened my ears up and listened to what the other person was saying, I was able to solve my problem, taking his perspective into account. (checking my ego at the door has always been a challenge).

  2. On a technical level, I made some pretty cool (I think) progress on my CLI tool lesky; i.e., for people who want to fire up Koa servers asap without pain, you just type les -ow (les ouch, get it? nyuck nyuck)... and like magic, the folder you're on will be served. If your html file also includes my dumb-reloader, saved changes will trigger document reload. But, the version that's out isn't even the cool version yet. Cool is on its way. (Article coming too to help explain things)

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Cristina Ruth

Ego is so hard to move away from. But we actually gain more when we put it aside because without It, we are able to take other people's perspectives into account. 🙂