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Discussion on: Best Practices for ES6 Promises

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Richard Tong

Found rust docs on error handling. The thing is, I like exceptions, and I like that all errors thrown in JavaScript behave pretty much like panic!. Rust provides language semantics to differentiate between recoverable errors (Result) and unrecoverable errors (panic!). However, I don't really see how this is better than throwing errors. Perhaps try/catch blocks are clunky? I should mention that I'm neck deep in functional JavaScript and I don't even use try catch blocks, just tryCatch. <- catches synchronous errors and rejected Promises, also disclaimer that I wrote that function

On "may reject", I think I was triggered by the "always", but touche!

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Basti Ortiz (Some Dood) Author

Yup, I was coming from the mindset that try/catch blocks are kinda "clunky", which is why I stylistically preferred Rust's error handling.

I'm neck deep in functional JavaScript...

Wise decision. The functional style is indeed beautiful. I never liked try/catch blocks anyway. 😂