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Let's create a simple Weather App with React

App description

Let's create a basic weather app with React(typescript), Weather API, sass, and react hooks

Github repo
Live demo

Let's set our workspace

Create our react project with create-react-app

npx create-react-app basic-weather-app --template typescript
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Now let's config linter, jest, etc.

npx cra-to-nx
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This will config our dev tools

npm packages

yarn add axios @fortawesome/fontawesome-free react-i18next i18next i18next-browser-languagedetector
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  • Axios for our HTTP requests
  • fontawesome to display awesome icons
  • i18next to add internationalization to our app
    • i18next-browser-languagedetector to detect the users default lang and set it as our defalt language

Folder structure

NX create a larger folder structure, but This is the final structure of our project

    │   ├───design -> Design system
    │   │   ├───components
    │   │   ├───fonts
    │   │   ├───globals
    │   │   └───util
    │   ├───i18n -> Translations
    │   │   ├───en
    │   │   └───es
    │   └───images
    │   └───landing
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Add weather Api

Let's create an account at Weather API

After creating our account, let's create an API key for Current Weather Data
Note: you will need to wait like 2 hours for your api key to be activated

Let's add our i18next config


I just add a basic translations files for EN and ES, you can find them at src/assets/i18n

Let's add our weather services to our project

  1. If you have not created your services folder, create it and inside it, let's create a new ts file named weather-service
  2. Lest create our interfaces The interfaces will serve us as data models for the Weather API responses and some other purposes
  • CurrentWeatherI (interfaces/current-weatherI.ts) The data model of the response of the weather API's
  • WeatherPropertiesI (interfaces/weather-properties.ts) The data model of requests to weather API's (interfaces/)
  1. now let's create 3 functions

    • currentWeather

    This function will retrieve weather data by coordinates

    • getWeatherCity

    This function will retrieve weather data by city name

    • getWeatherIcon

    The currentWeahter and getWeatherCity will return an icon code in their properties, this code will serve us to retrieve an icon image to display in our app

  2. Now that we have our services for the app, let's create a function to get the correct background image depending on the current weather

To achieve this, first, we need to check their current weather API documentation for their weather code at weather codes, i decided to group the codes by range, but you can go deeper.


You can use the same images as me, you can find them at my source code at github

Or search for your own, i found my images at unsplash

Our next step is to build a custom hook to get the client lat and long

For this we are gonna use window.navigator.geolocation

This hook will provide us with the current location of our user, so now we can request the weather of the current location.

Now let's create our main component


In this component, we are gonna use the next element

  • 2 buttons, one to search the location input and another to return to the current location weather
  • 1 input field to search places
  • A cards deck to display the weather info

Use our custom hook use-position

The first step to build our component is to connect our use position custom hook to get the user position and ask for the current weather
Now that we have the position stored, let's pass it as a dependency to an useEffect hook, so every time that the position variable changes, the effect will execute the getWeather function; The getWeather function will call the getWeather callBack, await for the service response then results will be store at the weather state; then the functions getWeatherIcon and readWeatherImage will be call and this functions will update the watherIcon and weatherImage state respectively, the change at weatherImage will trigger the effect to set the image as the body tag background image property value.

Now that we have the weather, the weatherImage and the weatherIcon, we can use this data to show it to the user.


Where to know more about the topics to build a basic project like this?

Wher is the sass explanation??

I will write a second post to cover the design of the project

Let's create a simple weather app - Part 2

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