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Rickard Engberg Author

That's a really interesting question!

I remember the beginning of my career, it was very much as you describe it. A constant struggle to meet deadlines and deliver code. Pulling 80+ hour weeks was more rule than exception. In my opinion, if that is a constant situation, there is something wrong with the company. I defended complying with it by telling myself, that was who I was; a hard worker, who took pride in pulling those billable hours in. The company loved me. My friends and family, not so much.

Clean coding is not a fast track, however. Code quality and quality assurance are big parts of coding cleaner, and quality needs to be worked at every single moment you sit down and write program code. Tests, trying out solutions, refactoring your solution, getting your code reviewed, fixing the review comments etc. All that takes time, but the time you spend doing it the right way in the first place, you save doubly in maintaining the code in the future. Your company should thank you for being thorough and quality oriented. I'd bet that a lot of the time when you're struggling to make your deadlines, it's actually bugs introduced on previous deadline struggles you're fixing.

My recommendation is to continue reading blogs on the topic (I will certainly address your reply specifically in coming posts, as it is very much in line with what I am trying to communicate). I'll post here and on my blog

Also, I recommend reading the Clean Code series by Robert C. Martin. In Clean Code, you get advice on how to do clean coding (technically), in The Clean Coder he talks about how the professional programmer behaves. That one is my favourite, because of how helpful it was to me. Being a professional programmer is about responsibility, always focus on quality, and, perhaps most importantly, be very clear in communicating with stakeholders, clients, managers, colleagues etc. And to learn how to say no (without getting fired).

Also, you're welcome emailing me with specific questions, if you'd like.

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Sandeep Balachandran

I mean ofcourse its not a giant company.Maybe you are right. There might be something wrong.
I would definetly check out those references you mentioned.
Its so nice to contact you regarding this matter as well.