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Finally achieved Pure AWS Serverless Environment

This is a major milestone. I thought going to AWS would solve my problem but I was stuck with my AWS ec2 windows server because I still needed Apache24 httpd to listen for requests on port 80 and thus also needed AWS Route 53 for my IP address used in Apache.

Finally I found a free Apache service out there so now I only need AWS for Lambda and S3 where my data resides in document format. Instead of SQL I use Javascript Array Methods to manipulate my CRUD operations.

I am Pure Serverless now vs my previous hybrid model. No need for EC2 anymore to host my IP address, just a fetch from frontend JS to my Lambda function.

Here it is, from soup to nuts full stack

Old Stack New Stack now pure Serverless
java jvm no Java
Java servlet AWS Lambda app logic - middleware
tomcat listener aws api gateway
apache24 on aws ec2 free apache without ec2
JQuery frontend plain js frontend presentation layer
--ajax to servlet --fetch Lambda function
--axios library --no libs
mySQL db AWS S3 document db backend database
SQL noSQL w JS array methods analytics
  • no libs like JQuery, axios or bootstrap that slow down load time
  • no Node Js or npm used
  • tried React for frontend but abandoned it due to complexity
  • no need for Netlify, Github or Jamstack
  • no cookies used like Google Analytics
  • manage SEO with Google Search console, Lighthouse and Ahrefs

I wanted to do all the above without using the Node JS runtime. I opted for Plain JS vs React and designed my frontend with no libraries.

So this is it, help me celebrate. I hope to expand on each phase of my journey with future articles.

Signed Rick Delpo 10-18-2022

PS, if u want to read about 17 reasons why I abandoned React click here

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