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April Favourites. The Tech edition. 2020

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Linear Algebra

This month has been very minimal. I mainly worked and studied a course on Linear Algebra remotely. I have to say, I have forgotten lots of the mathematics since high school.

It does feel very much like high school though: I use a paper notebook to make notes (possibly, not the best idea).
The course I am studying now is called Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra by Imperial College London. You can find a link from here.

This course was a bit "out there", so I needed to complement it with some courses from KhanAcademy and Udemy.

I did it in the morning, since this was the most complicated thing I have been doing throughout the day, I felt quite accomplished. Let`s see how long I last.

This felt very empowering in a way: realising that something seemingly incredibly complex such as PCA (see this) can be mastered with some perseverance and a very long road to understand vector base transformations.

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Marko Shiva

girl that post have in title a April and its posted in Sept and it takes about phrase current month so on which one you meant. :)

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Margarita Author


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