re: Do you recommend quitting a 9-5 to learn web development full time? VIEW POST


Thanks for asking this! I would love to know what experienced folks have to say!


I didn’t want to put my own answer in the post but I will answer here: I wouldn’t quit a 9-5 unless it’s so taxing your unable to function the rest of the time.

Learning in your off hours is tough! And once you’re a working developer most other developers spend zero hours outside of work learning. But it is true that most developers learn new stuff in a very unstructured way, so you might want to get used to that studying on your own.

The case is altered if you have a free or nearly free ticket to a quality coding boot camp. Then it might be worth it to quit your day job! But keep in mind you might be job seeking for a year after that camp ends. So it might be a good idea to stay employed!

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