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FrontEnd Roadmap

Where to start our career as a web developer or full stack developer?

No worry about it, i am here to clear all your questions within few minutes. Let’s get started.

So if you are a beginner who don’t know anything what to do to get a job or earning source as a web developer, i recommend you to go with either ui/ux designes or with HTML/CSS/Javascript.

If you selected HTML/CSS/Javascript, welcome we are same bro!

It takes approximately 2 weeks to get familiar with HTML, 2 weeks for CSS, and 3 weeks for Javascript there after practice to designe sample websites (or try to clone your favorite one) when you feel friendly with HTML/CSS with basic Javascript, jump immediately to Bootstrap for rapid and responsive development. One thing here to keep in mind that always focus on responsive designes even if you are developing a single page with a bit content, make it responsive and test it on different devices.

When you get enough knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap try applying for internship at startup companies, this will gives you a real life experience

and BOOM !!
you have tag of frontend developer.

sounds nice right?, but it’s not end here you have to learn any frontend framework/library too it may be Angular, React, Vue or any other one. Again if you are asking it to me - which one to choose from above. I highly recommend you to go with ReactJs, because it’s trendy and friendly also it have a huge community supports.

That’s all buddies
Happy Developing

Feel free to contact with me

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