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Discussion on: Backend or Frontend First?

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Ritchie Einstein

I am a full stack developer for a while and from my experience, it is totally dependent on the nature of the project. If the project is well defined before the beginning of development, then I would suggest for a Backend First approach. Since we have a clear picture of every module.

But rarely that happened to me. Mostly my clients prefer to analyze the business requirements for the next module based on the current module that I develop. In that case, I go for a mixed approach. Dev on Both front and backend simultaneously. To give advantage to the client, I'll develop the front end first, that way they can come up with more refinements on the data to be collected and how it needs to be displayed, and I can implement the backend accordingly once and doesn't need to change much.

But trust me, if you follow this approach, your code needs to be agile as much as possible and (as my architect quotes it as ) "Embrace the Change" :)