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My First Android App - Kotlin and MVVM

Worldwide Corona Tracker

Given the current situation the world is in and what we are going through, the developer in me wanted to build something related to it. I mostly worked on this application on weekends and currently in the process to make it more professional looking so that I can publish it on playstore.

Link to Code

The app is currently in development so it might undergo a lot of changes but if you are interested to contribute you can reach out to me.

GitHub logo ritwikshanker / GoCoronaGo

An android coronavirus Tracker

How I built it

So I have been interning at a Company this summer where I work as a Software Development Intern. So working on this personal project of mine was a big task for me as I had to manage company work and personal work, cooking, cleaning and god knows what all this lockdown has taught me to do. I had never worked on a full android app on my own and I dreamed of making this app open source one day so spaghetti code was not an option. I built this application using MVVM architecture with full code written in Kotlin and support from API Level 19 i.e. Android 4.4. It is still in very early stages so a lot of major changes have to be done but so far it has been a great learning experience. I have a lot of things in mind which I am currently working on and would love to hear new ideas and features to implement.

Additional Thoughts

Do check my repo and if you like my work don't forget to star the repo and you can always ping me if you are interested to contribute.

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