Scripting To Save Lives: A COVID-19 Charity where Developers can pitch in.

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Recently, the world has been swept with the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently a few developers from the Glitch community and I founded scriptingtosavelives.com. Let me explain how it works. Visitors have three main ways of helping out.

The first way to help:

The first way to help us out is to donate code. Donating code makes the website look better and may even prompt more people to donate! More on that here.

The second way to help:

Visitors can create there own subdomain of our website tailored to their town! Just fill out the form here.

The third way to help:

Visitors can donate money to one of the causes that we have showcased on our website. These causes need a lot of help now and we are proud to advertise them!

See you on scriptingtosavelives.com!

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