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For someone starting out with React (previous experience with Vue), would you say it's worth integrating and learning TypeScript early on, or would it be better having a decent understanding of React before implementing it?


I'd recommend starting with React and JavaScript and moving onto TypeScript later. Learning typescript can add a certain level of friction to the development experience especially if you don't have prior experience with typed languages. Plus, most of the tutorials and guides you'll find will be written in regular Javascript.

Probably best to just focus on learning React - and then move over to typescript once you feel you've got the basics down.


Cool, thanks for the reply Ben! I'll definitely keep this article bookmarked for when I do start using TypeScript :)


An alternative opinion: if you already are comfortable enough with TypeScript, then I would recommend starting with TypeScript in React because it’s so helpful to be able to use IntelliSense to automatically see the methods available to each part of React. And it’s also really helpful to know which properties are required on each component. I just started using React and I feel incredibly comfortable and productive in it already due to the types.

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