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What Are The Feature That A Mobile Wallet App Should Include?

Digitalization is at is peek and if you as a mobile app development company in bangalore or around the world trying digitalize the wallet by developing a E-Wallet App Lets discuss why you should go ahead building the app and what feature to include in it

Wallet Mobile apps are always trending and the apps that have most retaining and sustainable customers there might be number of apps in the playstore but each and every wallet apps coming up on the playstore has gained the popularity

lets discuss the important features to have

The app should have the sign up feature where the user can signup with their EmailId ,Phone Number and password and sighnup should be supported by authentication in form of OTP to Email or Phone Number

Linking The Bank Account
The feature should allow user to link the bank account by allowing them to enter their card details or link the phone number associated with the bank to the account and there is kyc rules that should be made to comply

Add Money to Account
This must a another option if the user dont want to link the bank account to account of app they should be feature where user can transfer the money from the bank acc to wallet acc ,this makes most of the users to feel secure with the account

Make Payments
The E-wallet app with out a option of making payment is of no use , the users should have the option to pay for different purpose might be for the electricity,phone,for a local vendor . The option to pay should be through a qr code or through the phone number linked to their account

Promotions and offers
A Mobile Wallet app should include the promotional offers to entice the customers and keep the customers in the app frequent promotions and the offers gives the users feel good factor about the app

Payments History
It is very important for the app like mobile wallet to keep track of the payments that the users make so that the users can go back to check their payments when ever they want and double check

Full time support
The App developers should have the support for their customers for the fact that there might be tickets from the users for the faulty payments or the transfers not being processed properly If the User feels that the support end is good then the users are retained

It is very important for the mobile app development companies developing the ewallet apps to have all these featuresand we at BrillMindz,A Top mobile App Development Company In Bangalore are very much capable of building these kind of apps in the given time

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