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Anyone who worked with Wordpress as well as Laravel?

Hi, I am an intermediate developer who has been working with wordpress.

I have been struggling with different issues like coding structure and database interaction with wordpress.

However, I got to know that laravel provides a better pattern and structure when compared to wordpress. can you show me the differences that make laravel better?

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Jason Rambeck

Wordpress is a hot mess when it comes to building custom coded websites. It can be very frustrating if you are coming from something like Laravel.

Thankfully, there are several mature Wordpress frameworks that can turn Wordpress development into a much more delightful experience.

My favorite is
This framework turns Wordpress development into more of a traditional MVC model and is patterned after Laravel it’s self.

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WordPress and Laravel are two different species.
WP is a CMS that's non-coders friendly, while Laravel is an MVC Framework that requires fair skills of coding.

So, I'm not sure about the comparison here.
you can compare WP with (Drupal) and Laravel with (CakePHP).

I you are developing an application, I would always recommend writing your own code (Vanilla PHP, Laravel, CakePHP....). you'll have better control on your code and environment.

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That's what I was talking about. I've already built a theme and a plugin with Wordpress.

The question is about structural difference between wordpress's coding method and laravel's MVC pattern. I was curious because I've just started laravel.