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FYI: ClearScript doesn't yet support .Net Core, but V8.Net now does: nuget.org/packages/V8.Net/


FYI: Maybe not out of the box but it is really not that hard getting it to work (ish).


As per Clear Script authors, github.com/Microsoft/ClearScript/i... , ClearScript is written with Mixed Assemblies which is not supported on any other platform except Windows. So it is not that easy.

Thank you for clarifying but this article is a rewrite of an even older article targeted at Windows from the beginning. When this was written a couple years ago there was no support for .NET on Linux besides Mono. All the examples assume Windows and even show screenshots of Visual Studio running on Windows so someone who wants to implement V8 into a Linux application really should read a different article and I see no point of dragging this out.

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