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KVision 3.18.0 is released (with new Progress component and IR backend fixes)

KVision is an open source web framework created for Kotlin/JS. It allows developers to build modern web applications with the Kotlin language.

I have released KVision 3.18.0, the first release (and I hope not the last!) where external contributions are the most valuable.

The highlights of this release include:

  • Upgraded dependencies (Kotlin 1.4.21, Ktor 1.4.3, Spring Boot 2.4.1, Vert.x 4.0.0, Micronaut 2.2.1, Jackson Module Kotlin 2.12.0)
  • New Progress component
  • Simple way to use KVision components as React children
  • Fixes for the IR compiler backend

I would like to thank Yannik Hampe, for his fantastic work on Progress component and all code-base cleanups and refactorings.

I'm also announcing KVision Project Wizard IDEA plugin, which allows to easily create new KVision projects directly from IntelliJ IDEA, with support for all frontend and fullstack project versions. Many thanks to Jakub Neukirch for creating and maintaining the project.

For more details about this release see the changelog.

Don't forget to ⭐️ my project if you like it!

As always, any feedback is appreciated!

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