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KVision 5.6.0 is released

KVision is an open source web framework created for Kotlin/JS. It allows developers to build modern web applications with the Kotlin language.

I have released KVision 5.6.0. Some major dependencies were upgraded, keeping KVision up to date with both Kotlin and JavaScript ecosystem.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Kotlin 1.6 support
  • Upgraded dependencies (Coroutines 1.6.0-RC, Serialization 1.3.1, Spring Boot 2.6.0, Ktor 1.6.6, Micronaut 3.2.0, Dokka 1.6.0)
  • Upgraded Snabbdom, Tabulator and Chart.js libraries
  • Other bugfixes and improvements

For more details about this release see the changelog.

Both kvision-tabulator and kvision-chart modules are now based on new major versions of Tabulator Tables and Chart.js. Both modules contain breaking changes. Please take a look at the migration guides for Tabulator 5 and Chart.js 3 Unfortunately both are quite huge documents. If you still want to use old versions, just change KVision dependencies - the old modules are published with new names: kvision-tabulator4, kvision-tabulator4-remote and kvision-chart2. The old components are deprecated but there are no plans to remove them (at least not before KVision 6).

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As always, any feedback is appreciated!

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