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Discussion on: What's your non-internet career alternative?

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Vanadir Strejthsson
  • Psychologist - as much as I needed this one, people tend to flock to me when they want some advice, or just an ear to talk to (I do talk loudly, but if it's a one-to-one-conversation, I'm all ears, then I sometimes interrupt when I do want to pinpoint something

  • Cook / Chef - My grandparents own a small shop, and they taught me how to cook.

  • writer - I both love reading and writing (be it poems, short stories, or novels), but my attention span is too short. I quit my draft novels when I'm having a writer's block.

  • D/J - I like music.

  • Musician (specifically vocalist) - I'm currently a vocalist on my band (we're unheard though...). I also write lyrics (which connects to my writing skills above). People also say that I have a nice voice (which I tend to ignore, coz I'm not really keen on receiving compliments). My grandparents were also singers in their time. Oh, and I like music.

  • Priest - Went to a seminary once, went out coz of a girl.

  • Teacher - I like to teach. I just hate writing numbers or grades (I like it more when I write paragraphs).

  • Salesman - Uhhmm, I think I have a silver tongue (from what my friends say) so I think I might have a shot at this.

I dunno about others...

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Garrett Author

I think you are the most prepared.

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