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What is UNO Platform?

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What is UNO?

The Uno Platform is a Universal Windows Platform Bridge that allows UWP-based code (C# and XAML) to run on iOS, Android, and WebAssembly. This allows the use of UWP tooling from Windows in Visual Studio, such as Xaml and C#, to build an application as much as possible on Windows, then validate that the application runs on iOS, Android, and WebAssembly. The XAML User Interface (UI) provides the ability to display the same XAML files on Windows, iOS, Android, and WebAssembly platforms. Uno also provides support for the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern on all platforms, with binding, styling, control and data-templating features.
Why UNO?

Developing for Windows (phone, desktop, tablet, Xbox), iOS (tablet and phone), Android (tablet and phone) and WebAssembly at once can be a complex process, especially when it comes to the user interface. With Xamarin, C# comes to all these platforms; however, it only provides transparent translations of the UI frameworks available for iOS and Android. Most non-UI code can be shared, but when it comes to the UI, almost nothing can be shared.

One can avoid learning the UI-layout techniques and approaches for each platform, Uno.UI mimics the Windows XAML approach of defining UI and layouts. This translates into the ability to share styles, layouts, and data-bindings while retaining the ability to mix XAML-style and native layouts.

UNO is a platform for building native mobile, desktop, and Web Assembly apps with C# and XAML from a single codebase. Sharing logic between platforms has always been relatively simple, but sharing user interfaces was not really possible. This meant that, with the help of Xamarin.Forms, you could have a similar look and feel on your Android and iOS devices, but not for the Web. This is where UNO is closing the gap. With UNO, you can write the UI once. With the use of native controls, UNO deploys the native UI look and feel to all the other platforms, meaning, you write the same code for a button regardless of the platform the button is for.

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