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How We Developed a Smart Vault

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We developed a smart vault that lets you keep all the confidential information away from prying eyes. Truster is the most convenient variant for providing the maximum level of protection.

▫️ multi-accounts: you can create as many accounts as you want on one device
▫️ offline mode: the client can view, create, edit, delete records even without the Internet
▫️ data synchronization algorithms work like a charm. Data appears on another device and neither the server nor even the mobile client knows what kind of data it is
▫️ the data is encrypted and the version of the decrypted data and even encryption keys are not stored anywhere - the data belongs only to the user, no one even has the technical ability to find out the user's data
▫️ it is possible to change the master password - in this case, all user data will be re-encrypted

With Truster all the passwords, credit cards, secret documents, and notes you have will be kept in one place.

Try Truster 👉🏻

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