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Building Apps With

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If you want to build an app but don't have any skills for coding or maybe you just know little, I think is one of the answers. is one of the low-code development platforms, this amazing tool allows you to create a website application with just a few steps.

You can go to the website []

Bubble Also provides you step by step how to use this platform, for websites and mobile web.

Bubble lesson

Bubble Pricing is cheaper compared to other platforms.

Bubble pricing

Even though is a great platform but there is some concerns about scalability, speed performance, and security. I have my list of pros and cons about this platform.

  1. Very easy just drag and drop
  2. Building apps faster compare than traditional hand-coding
  3. There are s many free plugins that you can use
  4. You don't have to set up a server or hosting


  1. Speed performance is not so good
  2. I'm not sure if can handle such complex logic
  3. There's no versioning! If you did something wrong in production there's no going back.
  4. Scalability. The capacity limit for production planning is just 50 GB.

I think that's my impression of Cheers!

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