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Discussion on: Can you become a developer on a team with no devs?

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Roelof Jan Elsinga

I started my career at a start up, and I was the most qualified developer there, with about 6 months of experience (from freelancing). I didn't have a team I could lean on or a senior developer to learn from. It's definitely possible to start in this way, but expect to put in time outside of work to learn and soak up all kinds of information you'll need for you job. This website is a great resource for that as well.

I'd say, if you have to opportunity, grab it! It's possible, but it'll be difficult.

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Sarah Paz Author

Thanks Roelof! I think that is the plan - to grab the opportunity when or if it's presented to me! I know it'll be tough, but I'm up for the challenge. I'll never really know til I try!