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How to Choose a Major From the Numerous Available majors at Online College

So you think you're ready to choose major? Here are some major options to consider. You do not have to select all three; you may choose only two or three depending on your interest, time, and financial resources. However, you will have a wide array of options open to you and will have little trouble making an educated decision on the best major for you!

First of all, you need to decide what do you want from your study. If you want just to get a diploma - choose majors that won't be too difficult. For example, one of the easiest engineering degrees or any choose the same approach to any other field of study. But usually it's better to spend time on the field that is interesting for you.

If you would like to begin a career in a field that requires particular skills and knowledge sets, then you have three main choices. First, you can sign up for one of the general education classes offered at junior and community college, and even at some private universities. Be prepared to take general courses in subjects such as English, Math, History, Art History, and Science. Usually you'll also be required to take one of the specific majors listed below, plus general education courses.

Did you know that you can get your "B" in Social Work, while having a Bachelor's in Business? Many business majors go on to become social workers, because there is a strong connection between the two careers. The social worker works with individuals, couples, small groups, and the public to help them achieve a sense of power and success in their lives. Many organizations offer classes on the topics of psychology, sociology, and behavioral science, which prepare students to work with people from all walks of life. A few of the career possibilities in this area include community counseling, youth, and family development, elder care, and developmentally-challenged children and adults.

If you have a love of logic, you should be looking for a major in Law. There are many different types of legal studies, including civil law, criminal law, family law, corporate law, etc. If you love to read, you might enjoy a career in journalism, fiction, nonfiction, or even poetry. In addition to a love of reading, an excellent preparation for law school would be to earn a degree in philosophy. There are numerous disciplines within philosophy, including ethics, sociology, metaphysics, political science, mathematics, and psychology.

Most online colleges will allow you to apply for admission online. In order to complete your degree level requirements, you need to have a high school diploma or the equivalent. You must meet minimum GPA requirements to transfer into most majors. If you have any gaps in your educational experience, you may wish to consider earning college credits through community college or technical college, rather than completing your degrees on your own.

Online colleges may require you to complete prerequisite courses before you can declare a major. This is typically not a problem if you've taken these necessary prerequisites in high school. Once you have declared your major, online colleges may also offer you the opportunity to select your own online teaching schedule. If this is the case, you will be able to establish a class time and date that work well with your life. You can attend virtual classrooms as a student and a teacher simultaneously.

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