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Studying for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Exam

Yesterday I passed the Certified Solutions Architect Associate level exam.
Here is a guide based on my experience studying for the exam.

The majority of the questions were on S3, RDS, EC2, and VPC as you'd expect.
I also had a number of questions on DynamoDB, Cloudfront, Auto Scaling, EBS, and ELB.

Guide to services covered in the exam. Nice concise view of all the links to the various AWS resources (White Papers and FAQ’s)

There are a few video lecture series on Udemy that can be bought for $10-15 on sale.

ACloudGuru courses are popular but aren't in depth enough for the exam in my opinion.

A condensed version of the AWS FAQ section for each of the services on the exam. Very useful for reviewing the services after watching lecture videos.

Practice Exams:

This practice exam set is very representative of the concepts covered in the actual exam. I even had a few questions that were identical to questions in this practice set.

The first time around I took these exams scored in the 70’s. I had covered the ACloudGuru videos and some FAQ’s etc, but didn’t know where to focus my studying. These exams helped a lot in understanding what kinds of questions are asked. My process was to review the detailed answers provided at the end of each exam, continue studying the materials, and take the test again after 3 weeks. You should be ready for the final exam if you are able to score 85-90% in the second attempt.
From what I observed, exams from other vendors such as ACloudGuru are designed to be harder than the actual exam whereas based on my experience these questions were more representative of the actual exam.

Note: For all these Udemy links, wait until you see them on sale for 80-90% off, the sales happen every other week. Don't spend $200 on a single course.

Please feel free to ask me any questions, I am happy to help!

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