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How my article got ranked at no.1 position on google within 2 days 🤯

What happened?

2 days ago I wrote an article on Top 10 vscode extensions for react developers. And now that article is ranked at no.1 position on google for this keyword.

How my article got ranked at no.1 position on google within 2 days 🤯

It was unexpected for me. Maybe for some of you, it's not that excited. Maybe ranking at the top position on google search is pretty common and easy for you. But I'm not an SEO expert or not even a regular blogger. So how did my article got ranked on google? 🤔

Truly speaking I have no idea how it happened.

robert downey jr IDK

Because I don't know how it happened, therefore it's not going to be a tutorial post where I'm going to teach you how you can rank your blogs on google, rather it's going to be how I manage to rank on google and what I did and I will be sharing my journey with you guys. Maybe somehow it might help you who knows.

Who am I? 🙂

Let me introduce myself before we start. Hi 👋, My name is Rohid. I do multiple things like web development with React, Next.js, Unity Game Development, React native or flutter mobile development, etc. Yeah, my life's a mess. And also I'm from Bangladesh 🇧🇩.

So how it was started?

2 days ago I just finished building my personal blog site. I always wanted to build a blog site but I never got time to build it. So finally finished building that site. It was built with Next.js and GraphCMS as CMS. I don't know SEO so I never spend my time building a custom blog site because you know how hard it is to rank a custom site. But I eventually did. I might write an article on how I managed to create a blog site with next.js. Let me know In the comment section.

Let's get back on track. So I finally managed to build a blog site now I have to make content for that. So I decided to write an article on what extensions I use in my daily life for React or nextjs development. It was 4 am on the morning instead of going back to bed I decided to finish that article. So I started writing that article. It was 6 am when I finished writing. I'm exhausted at that time. So I decided to go to bed. I didn't post that article because I want to read that one more time after I wake up. After I woke up. I read it once again and published it on my site and also on I posted on because there is no way google going to recommend my article from a new website. I posted that article on and backlinked that to my website.

After that, I started getting comments and reactions from website. In day 1 I got around 100 views plus 10+ reactions on that article. I can't explain how excited I was. I checked google and searched for that article to see if it ranked or not and unfortunately I checked 2-3 pages but I couldn't find that article 😂. On the second day in the morning, I checked stats and show that the article got 600+ views and 50+ reactions 🤯. I was amazed. My profile pic doesn't get that much attention 😅. Again I checked google but I was the same as before. I couldn't find my article anywhere. I was happy but at the time sad as well.

But at night I was working on my website. I was integrating google analytics. So I don't know but for some reason, I searched on google "Top 10 VSCode Extensions for React" And guess what? The first result was my article from

How my article got ranked at no.1 position on google within 2 days 🤯

It was ranking on the no.1 position on google. I opened incognito mode to see If it's actually ranking or not. And it's actually ranking on the no.1 position on google. I can't tell you how surprised I was. There were 1,610,000+ results for that keyword and my article was ranking at the top just imagine.

I quickly took a screenshot and posted that on my Facebook account.

So what I did right? 🤔

As I said I don't know exactly what was the main reason. Before writing that article I was learning who to write a good article. How other people right article. I was trying to find some common patterns. And I found one interesting point. Maybe this could be the reason.

Top 10 vs code extensions for react

Here as you can see google trying to give users what they want before they click any link. That's why I tried to write my article in a way where Google can easily find all the extensions at the beginning of the article.

So what I did was I before explaining what each extension do I provided a list of all the extensions. From here google found all the answers it needs to make a list.

Top 10 vs code extensions for react

I think this strategy works for me in this case. I will suggest you try this strategy by yourself and please let me know if it works for you as well.

And also If you think there are some other reasons that you think could be the reason to rank on no.1 on google then please share that. I think we all love to know that from you.


This was my first experience. So I'm super excited. It gave me motivation for writing more blogs. I'm a full-time developer so I don't have that much time to write articles. But when these things happen, it just gives so much motivation. I'm excited to make more content for you guys. I'm an introvert so I usually don't share my stuff with anyone. But It feels actually great now I'm sharing this.

I don't know if this article helps you or motivates you. But please let me know what you feel, how can I improve my writing, your story. I really want to hear from you guys.

Also, let me know If you want me to share the development process of the blog/portfolio site.

here is the link -

It's still under development. So you can expect some uncompleted stuff.

I don't know why anyone gonna read this far 🙂. But let me know you did. You are awesome 😊

Thank you so much. See you soon 😊

Peace out

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