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Rohit Chaudhary
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My Success Path till Google DSC Lead 2020 Interview

I was never aware about the Google Developer Student Club but as i was a part of MCC Microsoft Campus Club And a Open Source Community OPEN-MINDD. which help all other students to know about the new technologies and events happening.So they shared a DSC lead 2020 form.

I was not having any knowledge about DSC lead so I just searched it on Google and really found it interesting club of students from all over the globe.
So I just filled the form leaving no field empty and submitted it.

I was really feeling happy.

But then I didn't got any information regarding my form is it selected or not.

But after 2-3 days I got an e-mail , that you are selected for interview round.

I was really excited and happy after that I booked my interview time slot.

I started preparing basic questions for the interview.

The interview was on 19th june
but due to network issues it was cancelled they told me to book interview slot again.

So finally on 24th June it was my interview with Mr Pradipta Sharma sir and that was really a nice experience I felt the Zeal of interview that was all how I reached till the DSC interview.

Now I am just waiting for the results of DSC 2020.

And thank's to the MCC and OPEN-MINDD for showing path's of Success to student's.

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