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Discussion on: Localhost isn't local anymore

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Rohov Dmytro • Edited

As a useful feedback I would suggest you to make a clear visual message what Live Share will share-n-sync to rock-n-roll. I've seen some articles and tweets about it. But still my mental image of what it is capable of is not clear.

Just a small tip & feedback!

In general I'm looking forward for help my bro with new and updated Live Share feature :)

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Jonathan Carter

What if I told you that everything was shared? Files, terminals, debugging sessions, language services, workspace tasks, and most extensions state (e.g. GitLens, Test Runner) are all now automatically shared, which alleviates the "host" from having to worry about what is and isn't shared.

Additionally, when someone shares for the first time, we open a "Getting started" page in-tool that explains exactly what is shared. I'd love to hear if you have thoughts on what we could do to make this more clear, since this is definitely something we want to convey accurately to users.