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re: I was a person who bothered to let time go by and I wanted to continue learning always, but when I changed company 1 year ago I feel unmotivated to...

Keep strong and keep digging into yourself.

Myabe try coupling with someone? Or find someone inspiring. One person I can recommend to check is mpj. He is an inspiring guy!

Another thought that comes to my mind is try to ask yourself: what can I code that will help me personally in my life? Maybe a chat box that help you schedule things or count something, maybe some tracker, or timer, or simple todo stuff. I'm not talking about something huge. But something small and useful particularly for you.


I spoke with my project manager today about this, and I've realized that I like to program to make people happy, I know it's a bit of an odd motivation, but I'm going to try to focus on that. Thank you very much, your article has helped me a lot.

That is huge! Happy for you!

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