re: GitHub to replace racially-loaded terms (master, slave, blacklist and whitelist) VIEW POST


These terms have existed for decades and now suddenly we feel they're racially loaded? I think this is a knee jerk reaction to a problem that doesn't exist.


The whole debate wouldn't be as problematic, if it didn't go the way every outrage debate goes.
"We say it is bad, prove us wrong", and suddenly there is a whole bandwagon without any proof or argument to be made.

This is not how a discussion should work, and most of the time the path of least resistance is just to give in to the demands, to save your face publicly.

I'm not against the change, if it makes people happy, go for it. I'm just against how the discussion and stigmatisation in this whole process works, every damn time.


Very well put! I've linked to your quote in my post.

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