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Discussion on: How Does Getting an AWS Certification Change Your Career?

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Rolf Streefkerk

The process of getting the certification brings a lot of new knowledge in about AWS services, but it doesn't really alter anything that Im doing.

It's more the perception of recruiment/HR that you have a certain skill level that they're looking for. In that sense it helps to bolster your CV and I've gotten my Professional Architect certification for those two reasons (CV and knowledge).

I'm also happy to report that this certification actually means something. I've done certifications for SAP which are just mindless remembering facts that does little to nothing for learning. With AWS that's definitely not the case, the Professional Architect exam is pretty hard. It's 2 hours of reading comprehension, quick knowledge and analysis to pass it, it felt like a marathon running session after I was done.

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Kyle Galbraith Author

Great perspective Rolf! I second the usefulness piece as well. There are a lot of certifications out there that don't benefit you in the long run or are just superficial.

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^ Anybody here ever sit the MCSE for Server 2008? The "brain dump" problem got so bad that even tech recruiters I knew started to see it as borderline worthless. A shame too, because if you actually studied and passed the exam legit, you accrued a hell of a lot of knowledge on the Server 2008 ecosystem.

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