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Brian Morris for Rollbar

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Rollbar featured in Silicon Angle

Rollbar announces real-time adaptive alerts feature for developers. See Article

“Adaptive Alerts is the next generation of trendline alerting in Rollbar,” said Brian Rue, co-founder and chief executive at Rollbar. “Compared to the previous generation, which Rollbar customers know as the 10^nth Occurrence and High Occurrence Rate, Adaptive Alerts sends 86% fewer notifications, thanks to automatically adjusting thresholds, and a broader exception-level view that effectively detects application-level trends.”

Rollbar is constantly improving and with our free account anyone can access 25k errors every month forever. It's our way of helping all developers. Weather you are working with a few friends brainstorming new ideas or an entire enterprise Rollbar fits anywhere. We will find where, when and how bugs got into your code; All this information brought to you in 1 second, seriously 1 second!

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