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Discussion on: A Web App in Rust - 08 Submitting a New Post

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Roman Levin

This line admittedly does bother me as we are doing a clone to pass the data. I did not figure out what the borrowing rules here should be.

Pretty sure the answer here is to actually do what the method name implies, make a NewPost from the PostForm:

pub fn from_post_form(form: PostForm, id: i32) {


let new_post = NewPost::from_post_form(data.into_inner(),;
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Since you don't need the Form<PostForm>, there's no need to clone anything, just pass ownership of the entire object.

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Nivethan Author

Ah! This is good, feels much better, because we don't use data later on we can give ownership away. I also should have read the WebForm doc, into_inner() really simplified things.

Thank you! I'll add a note to take a look at this comment.