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Discussion on: Nobody is working for 8 hours a day, Why?

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I'm a frontend developer. I could work for 8-10 hours but it took me almost two years to build up stamina. When I just started my brain was cooking after 4-5 hours. It took me two years to double that.
Most of the time I was hopelessly poorly managed and I could have done more with my time if I wasn't surrounded by morons. There's nothing more insulting and degrading than having someone insist you document what you have been doing hour by hour. It is a horrible way to gather data because everyone is lying and the few people that are honest get in a situation where everyone expects them to be on the same level all the time.
Improve productivity by studying how the world's top agencies do their thing. When you gather all the information, have all the answers and you know need change you will realize that nobody in your company wants to change. People are like that. A few bad ones ruin everything for everyone.