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Safe@Home Hackathon platform opens, over 500 participants registered to date

I’m so excited that the digital platform for Microsoft’s Safe@Home Hackathon to address gender-based violence in South Africa is now open to those who have registered. To date over 500 participants have registered to join our hackathon and be part of positive change to help vulnerable women and children.
The tailored and easy-to-use BeMyApp platform comes with multiple benefits to support our developer community as they collaborate to create and develop technology-based solutions to help victims of gender-based violence.

Through the platform, our developers can:

  • Participate from multiple locations
  • Easily form a team by inviting external talent to join the platform. External talent can complete the registration form on the website and will be invited to the platform.
  • Collaborate with and lend their skills to other teams: the hiring section allows teams to expand their skills by recruiting individuals or other small teams with skills they are missing
  • Easily submit their projects and describe, with visual aids, the issue/challenge they are trying to solve, their solution to the challenge, and how it works
  • Collaborate with their own team and build their project through a private digital workspace
  • Find a mentor with the right expertise to answer questions or give advice
  • Book mentors for one-on-one video sessions that are recorded and sent to them for reference

We know that access to the right technology can help us do and achieve more – but it also has the power to change and save lives. It can, for example, help tackle gender-based violence in South Africa by enabling a better and safer way for women and children to reach out for help.
This is why it’s essential to equip our developers working to create these types of solutions with the right tools – and the BeMyApp platform fits that bill.
Developers wanting to partner with us to address gender-based violence can still register until 21 September. For more information on the Safe@Home Hackathon and to register, visit

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