Using LaunchDarkly's Feature Flags with React to Display Real Time Information

Roseanna Mcfarlane on January 17, 2019

Have you ever needed to update information on a web page on short notice but found the whole process complicated, slow and error prone? Editing t... [Read Full]
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Nice article, feature flagging are great, the only issue with these flags, is that in case you have really big features, it will add overhead to manage the code, it will increase the tech dept, because if you release a feature to all customers it will be meatless to have to versions of the same feature and one of them isn't called at all!


Thank you :) Yes it's true that it comes down to a cost benefit analysis. Ie, Is the use of feature flags worth the added code and overhead. It will be a case by case basis for sure and dependent on the project scope etc.

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