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QR Codes in Your B2B Sales Strategy

QR codes are popping up literally everywhere during this pandemic. The technology, made popular by Wechat, is taking the world by storm with its dozens of use cases not only in marketing but also in non-marketing situations.

How to use QR codes

If you own a B2B startup, here's how you can use them in your b2b sales strategy.

Pitch Decks

You can only fit so much slides in a single deck so why not make the most of it?

In just about any presentations a QR code can be placed on a single slide to lead users to a specific site such as your MVP or company landing page.

Business Cards

The search for contactless means is on the rise. What do you do when you meet a potential customer on the way to the coffee shop?

Add a QR code on your business card, which the person can scan or take a photo of, to lead them to your online channels.

Books & Content

Got additional valuable content? A QR code that leads to an interactive video, audio, or any media is a great addition to your content.


Do you send physical products to your customers?

If yes, then a QR code on your packaging to lead them to your social media channels is a great way to catch the attention of your customers.

Seamless Omnichannel Experience

QR codes are enablers for the omnichannel experience. The moment your customers exit your site, QR codes can be a great point of contact outside of your physical/online channels.

Add them on vehicles, bus stops, billboards, marketing materials such as flyers, or places where your potential customers might be hanging out.

When you are trying to market to the youth, coffee shops can be a great partner.

In networking events, add a QR code on your posters to maximize the space/booth you have.

A few tips

QR codes are undoubtedly easy. But it helps to be reminded of the little things.

Add short yet compelling call-to-actions

Add call-to-actions along with your QR code design to make sure your customers scan. Trust me, it makes a lot of difference!

Use short, yet compelling words like "Scan", "Scan to win" to urge people to take out their mobile phones the moment they see your QR code.

Use dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codes can be edited and tracked. At first glance, these codes are less dense compared to static QR codes. Why? The data behind them is a short URL making them a more versatile option.

The benefits are countless. You can save a lot of time when you are able to switch your QR code URL anytime even when you have already printed your codes.

Tracking is a great feature available only with dynamic QR codes.

Choose a strategic location

When you make use of printed QR codes, make sure to choose a strategic location.

In products such as beer or wine bottles, the cap or label is a great place to add your QR code.

In physical stores, the counter or store window are your options.

Whatever use case you have, using a QR code generator is a great way to add value and engage your customers.

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