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Ross • Edited on

It's nice that Jose Vargas has also continued to respond called me "condescending and facetious"...

You can't however, understand what a developer job actually entails.

Says a contract react developer with all of 5 years in the industry to a full-stack developer of 20 years, most of which hiring successful developers.

You either have a superiority complex or a daft mind

Interesting claims from someone making ad hominem attacks in the same sentence.

if you were asked to whiteboard an algorithm to balance a matrix you wouldn't be able to, stop kidding yourself

...argument inflation and conjecture to win a nonsense straw man you have created...

I bet you would fail a decimal to binary conversion in a whiteboard interview

...more ad hominem attacks...

literally everyone can figure it out with google in a few seconds

Once again completely missed the point of the entire thing. I'll repeat it for you in the most condescending way possible; It's not about remembering an algorithm. At the interview you can ask what it is, or even Google it the task is to code it. That fact that you cannot listen and understand very simple statements is showing me why you are so against performing very simple tasks.

This pettyness needs to stop. If you are not interested in my views or my responses, stop responding to me.

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Maybe because you also cant understand our argument.

It is about remembering the algorithm! Unless you would lecture your interviewee about binary numbers then let him formulate the formula from there. But you wouldnt do that in an interview. You just tell him convert binary to decimal and he should be able to KNOW it. How can you convert that if you dont event know how the base system works. Sigh

Again what does this prove? If you dont have prior knowledge you cant come up with the conversion

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Read the thread before you respond please.