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Discovering IMAD and road to HPDF

Computer Science Love at First Sight

I will start by saying a little something about myself I come from a non IT background. What I mean by that is I had no relation to computer science (no family or relations were in that field). My father didn't got me a computer because he though it would spoil me. But, I finally got a laptop in class 7 or 8. And surprisingly all I used my laptop in my teenage years was for playing games, watching movies and surfing the web. Then I took computer science in senior secondary because even though biology was a great subject because I had this preconceived notion it took a lot of mugging up! Not to mention that I studied in Kendriya Vidayalaya and there was not much of a computer education.

So, in class 11th I learned C++ and the CBSE syllabus was easy! Until then I always had found physics fascinating (still do). But, then I felt that this thing computer science (I describe it as a 'thing' because I didn't know its actual meaning then) there is a world of possibilities here. And therefore I'm now perusing a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering. In college I learnt many things but as in most cases programming attracted. So, I learnt various things on the internet this was probably me using internet for productive purpose for the first time.. just kidding!

Discovering IMAD

One fine day I was looking for some online courses to learn some new things because clearly I had nothing better to do. I had done free as well as paid online courses already by that time. I had heard about NPTEL : National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning, I didn't knew the full-form. So anyways I came across this course IMAD : Introduction to Modern Application Development I read some reviews saw introductory videos and registered right away. IMAD is a course offered by IITM and Hasura and the instructors are Dr Gaurav Raina a faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IITM, Tanmai Gopal the CTO & co-founder of Hasura.
Here is link for those of you may be interested Introduction to Modern Application Development.

IMAD journey

The lecture videos were all top notch, it covered basics of application development we did live projects. Lots of coding sessions and interesting MCQ assignments. But, the way the theoretical aspect of application development was nothing I had seen before I realised that as a computer science student I actually didn't know some of these concepts.
They have a discussion forum for the students where we resolved our queries. After a few weeks I came to know about the internship (HPDF) that would be given to top 5% in the exams what more there was a appear from home exam in addition to the NPTEL exam (I took both of them).

Getting my very first internship

For those of you who don't know.. Hasura is a platform that helps any developer build, develop and scale their apps. It has instant APIs for rapid development, and it helps create a to-do app in within three minutes.

Then, after some time the results of both the exams were out. And guess what? I got in top 1% of the students. And, some time later I got the offer letter and I was secretly celebrating!
I think about 500 people have got this internship this time.

The product development fellowship is an 8 weeks internship. Interns are assigned application development that we need to implement them using Hasura as part of a team. There are individual tasks as well. This is my first internship hence I didn't know what to expect but..
Damn, no one told me it will be this awesome!!! The Hasura slack community is super amazing so many people helping each other out makes me feel there is still goodness left in the world.

I will like to thank Hasura for giving the students extensions because of semester exams

I will be writing more blogs about the learning experience and collaborating with my fellow interns.

I'm having a great time working as an intern at Hasura.

Enjoying #dev life

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