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Discussion on: Switching To linux

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Stefano Ferrari

Switching to Linux is a phase that everyone should try. Also if after a while you come back to Windows. Is experience and is useful. Anyway, I think each OS had his features and use them depends on what you need to do. In my office (I'm an accountant) there is only Windows because of the management software works only in Windows. But at home, I have only Linux.
I think that at school is not a good idea to teach only a commercial product like Windows. Students should have an idea that there is a lot of choices out there.
Windows is the most user-friendly OS because, in my opinion, is the first OS you use. At school, at work (non dev-related) you find Windows.
After that, I agree 100% with you saying that the most user-friendly Linux distro is Linux Mint. I've installed that distro just two weeks ago after a long time passed trying other interesting distros. Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa is beautiful!