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"I didn't even know if anyone wanted what I was making!" Pretty brave! Sometimes you just have to do something in order to prove that you can. To me, that was the valuable lesson here.


Absolutely. While I do consider myself to be a great student and am very coachable, there are a lot of things I have to do and learn for myself. There are mistakes I almost want to make myself, too. Really though, it's me just proving to myself that I can do it. It's great when you have people who believe in you, but it's more important that you believe in yourself. Wow, that sounds incredibly cheesy and kind of stupid, but I really mean it hahaha


Regarding the comment about not knowing if there was a need for what you were creating...to me was irrelevant (for you). To me, what you learned in this process was a hedge against this very issue because you now possess the skills to develop a future minimum viable product for any idea you would like to turn into a reality. MVPs are a great way to test the murky waters of acceptance while (possibly) gaining the traction necessary to attract investors. Now, you can quickly build, test, and (if necessary) discard ideas before you invest time and money into a project that may not have legs. I personally have applied this same principle to writing and designing table-top games. I prototype quickly (with extremely low fidelity). I get people to test/read my ideas and where I go from there depends on the reaction I get. This allows me a chance to pull the plug on my "darlings" or shelf them until I can work out the kinks.

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