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Discussion on: Ron, The Untouchable, Invincible, No-Good Developer (Conclusion)

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Console.Log • Edited

Good read. What's fascinating to me was , it had only "Raj's" name explicitly mentioned. If not fictional, I am curious why just "HR Lady" and "CIO"? "Raj" could have been just "Developer". Those 2 characters also seemed crucial.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

I changed Raj's name just now because some people seem to be freaking out about it - even though Raj is like Joe to Indians.

I have no idea what HR Lady's real name was. I forgot it about a month after I left the company.

The CIO's name was Jim. But I wouldn't put "Jim" in the article. Every time I mentioned him, it was more important for the reader to remember that he was the CIO - and not that his name is "Jim".

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Ron Au

Well you're not gonna hear me complaining if you change it back haha