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Roman Sedykh Author

This is probably the area we are most trying to experiment and get right. As a team distributed all over the world, we want to make sure asynchronous workflows are reasonable and be able to operate effectively without certainty about the status of others. It's all a work in progress for us.

I probably should mention that this is more an exception than the rule... In our case, we didn't need that anymore, because we use threads 99% of the time. Even if there is a new message in the channel, if thread counter is zero, it doesn't require immediate attention.

Longterm, we also need to try to find the right answers for the social implications of distributed work. Different people have different ideal situations in terms of ongoing interactions, face to face time, etc. And we're just trying to figure it all out too 😄

My most strong team almost never saw each other. The key factor here is mutual respect and love for our craft. I think it can work this way for almost everybody. Though it's still a very warm feeling when you finally see your peers. :-)