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Discussion on: Ruby 2.7: The Pipeline Operator

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I don't see a problem here. Matz created ruby. And it is not as if matz is not listening to feedback either - see the issue tracker.

People who dislike something will always be super-vocal about something, and often use their EMOTION first. You can see it with the numbered parameters where people write terrible claims such as "this makes my code be like perl" or "this leads to sloppy programming". I refuted these statements but it does not change the fact that people are not objective - they are emotional and will make their statements based on emotions.

Language design has to be about making decisions. You can always reason based on objective statements, but not on emotions. And I write this while also saying that I think oldschool ruby is better than modern ruby, even though I write a lot more ruby code these days. Ruby 1.8.x was the best ruby IMO.