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Deliver Deeper Digital Product Insights With RudderStack and Amplitude

Now it's easier to make decisions based on insights from every customer touchpoint on every site and application. Amplitude's Digital Optimization System helps businesses close the loop between data, insight, and action. With RudderStack integrated with the system, it becomes even more powerful. Our plug-and-play data pipelines make it easy to stream real-time behavioral data directly to Amplitude from all sites and applications while handling identity resolution along the way.

Understand how digital products drive business with Amplitude

Amplitude helps companies get more value out of their digital products. The Digital Optimization System combines a robust product analytics solution with digital personalization tools, creating a powerful feedback loop. This two-fold approach gives companies everything they need to understand customer behavior, predict valuable outcomes, and optimize their digital product experiences for maximum impact. Additionally, the easily accessible insights democratize data across teams.

The power of event-driven data infrastructure with RudderStack

Digital disruptors know success requires a deep understanding of the customer and the ability to quickly adapt digital products based on customer insights. Behavioral, or event, data is the key that unlocks this granular understanding, and when it comes to behavioral data, the right tooling makes all the difference.

Amplitude and RudderStack are better together

Leveraging behavioral data starts with data collection. RudderStack's Event Stream provides a reliable and scalable method to capture and deliver data in real-time to every downstream application. So, you can build your event-driven infrastructure with behavioral analytics from Amplitude in mind. Our robust Amplitude integration makes it easy to supercharge the Digital Optimization System with event data from every web and mobile source.

With high-performance data plumbing from RudderStack in place, Amplitude users unlock the system's full value and focus on leveraging every feature to start understanding their customers better. With easy access to insights, every team can make better decisions, faster.

RudderStack Data Stack

Get started with RudderStack and Amplitude

Ready to start making decisions faster with a deeper understanding of your customers? Sign up for free, check out our documentation to set up Amplitude as a destination, and start streaming your behavioral data to Amplitude today.

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