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Tips to Ensure Your App Doesn't Get Uninstalled Right Away

Smartphone users are increasingly using mobile apps every day. They have become an integral part of our life where we need them to complete many tasks regularly. Therefore, many businesses have started taking interest in developing and releasing an application to serve users better with the services they offer. However, it has lead to an increase in the number of apps being released on the app stores which creates tough competition in the app market.

There are millions of apps present on the app store which receive downloads every day. But is only app downloads the aspect considered for success? No. Once downloaded, the app must be able to sustain in the smartphone of the user. According to reports, 80-90% of downloaded apps are used for once and later uninstalled right away. This certainly snatches away the potential user base from you and we certainly don't want that.

Reasons Causing App Uninstalls

There is always a reason behind your application getting uninstalled from user's devices. According to research by Statista, apps falling into the entertainment category have the highest uninstall rate of 32.5%. However, it surely makes the app creators curious to know the reasons causing the uninstalls. According to a study by Perfecto Mobile, the primary reasons for app uninstalls are:

  • User Interface
  • App Performance
  • App Functions
  • Compatibility

Therefore, to save your app from getting uninstalled from the devices of users, you must focus on fulfilling every set user criteria that can help you provide better user experience to save your app from getting uninstalled.

App Updates

The changing trends of the industry need you to change your app as well. With increasing competition in the app market, newer applications are developed to provide a better experience to users and if you don't decide to change according to the needs, it might lend you in trouble. Ensure your customers are provided with the best with keeping your application updated to the set standards of the industry and significantly reduce the chances of your app getting uninstalled.

User Engagement

Keeping your users engaged with your app helps you in earning their trust and building a loyal customer base. The best way to ensure user engagement is by sending regular notifications. You can always send notifications about newer offers and upgrades to your users through the app. However, it is crucial to know where to stop. Too many notifications can annoy your users and force them to uninstall your application right away. Hence, do send push notifications but in a limit to ensure your users are not annoyed with it.

Customization is the Key

Users love customization in the applications they use. This gives them creative freedom to edit the app appearance and get their requests answered in the app which keeps them engaged also. Therefore, ensure to offer customization in the app which users can do on their own and shape the app according to their choices which also encourages increased app usage and reduces the chances of getting uninstalled.

Battery Consumption

While developing the app, you must keep the battery consumption in mind. As the apps taking the load on the battery of the device ends up getting uninstalled. Also, if your app is serving only a few functionalities, then it must save on battery and should not consume much battery than required. For example, if you aim to create an app like uber for restaurant, it must not take up much battery consumption as it is supposed to only support ordering and tracking services. It helps you get your app recognized among the vast number of users by consuming less battery and offering more usability.

Go Freemium

The chances of users downloading and purchasing a paid application are very less. And it concludes that you may have to make your application available at zero costs to attract more users. However, there is another way to increase downloads without making your app use entirely free. Freemium applications are the ones which can be downloaded for free and later to unlock certain features and get full access to the entire app, the users have to pay the fees or else they can continue using the freemium app with limited functions offered.

The concept is excellent as it provides you a way to attract your customers to download the app and also promote your features and functions that are worth buying for. However, studying the uninstallation rate of these "freemium" apps, it might sound not a good idea to follow but by implementing certain strategies, you can ensure your users don't uninstall the application from their devices. You can offer users to opt for a premium version by offering a 30-day free trial or limited access to certain features that let them understand what you are offering and convince them to purchase the app features.

User Experience Matters

The user interface you provide in your app is the most significant part. It holds the importance as this is what your users are going to interact with and hence it must be crafted to be perfect. Therefore, to provide excellent user experience, you must work on the user interface you design to ensure your app provides the best services with the best UI/UX designed. The primary rule to impress any user is to keep it simple and useful. Too much content can block the entire screen of the user and leaves them in confusion. To ensure no such situation occurs, you should consider designing the app interface accordingly that unlock maximum usability with a simple design.


In order to save your app from getting uninstalled, there are many ways to follow and these ways help in achieving results as they increase the app downloads and significantly reduce uninstall rates. Keeping the customer demands in mind, you can develop and deploy an application that can achieve a place in your users' devices and serve them with the services you offer.

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