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View GitHub repository on VS Code online

ruppysuppy profile image Tapajyoti Bose ・2 min read


Just came across an awesome new productivity trick for GitHub called GitHub1s!

You can now browse through the source code of any repository on the Web VS Code editor simply by adding 1s to github in the URL.

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GitHub1s aims to be an extremely fast way to load up any Github project in "one second" with the same feel as if you opened it up locally on VSCode.


  • Fast: Browse through a code base in an editor has its own perks. You won't have to jump between hundreds of tabs on your browser anymore.

  • Convenience: Hands down, the biggest perk, you don't have to clone the repository anymore to go through the code base, just 2 characters are all it takes to view the repository in an editor.


  • Github API Limits: The biggest con is that you are limited to 5000 requests per hour if you are authenticated and only 60 per hour for unauthenticated users. Since the app uses the Github API to load the repositories and fetch all the files, once you finish off the quota, you have to wait for 1 hour to use it again.

  • Minimal Functionality: The main purpose of this project is to allow you to browse code. It is not a full fledged editor and lacking several functionalities like integrated terminal

Don't forget to check out GitHub1s project

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